88 Odds Odds and Instructions for Reading Extreme Odds with New88

Odds of 88 give you the opportunity to win the bet with a huge reward value. This is one of the highly rated types of bets and always receives the attention of players at New88today page. In this article let us introduce you in more detail.

Learn about the 88 odds?

To put it simply, the odds of 88 are the bets that the bookmaker sets in a match to consider the difference between the two teams. Players will base their bets on this ratio and accept winning or losing when placing money.

Before the player places a bet, the house will present a table of odds of 88. Based on this, you will be able to propose the amount of money you want to bet. If the odds are high, it is necessary to give the capital amount. Big bets are essential. They will help you receive bigger rewards, but you also need to consider the team you trust.

Usually in an odds table there will be a lot of different information that is not simply parameters. They will also include data about the teams, test history, achievements and performance of the two teams. From there, they will compare and evaluate the difference in capabilities of the two participating parties.

Depending on each house and game portal, there will be a different rate, but in general, the reward if you win in this form is quite high. This is an opportunity for you to make more profits just by placing money on bets.

How to read the odds in 88 odds for sure from the first time

This is extremely basic knowledge that any bettor needs to grasp if they want to win in betting at odds of 88. This will help you avoid not understanding the house’s rules and being robbed of money. Therefore, please refer to the reading methods below to become a smart player.

Read the odds in ball betting

The same ball bet is also known as a draw bet, you will win a prize if you correctly predict that the score of the two teams is equal. With this way of playing, you will not need to learn too carefully about the information of both parties involved. If you want, you can bet on your favorite team because the player will not overspend in this bet. This is also the advantage why ball betting is so popular.

Read odds 0.5

This is one of the extremely popular bets, so how to read the odds of 88 in this bet? The house will divide the two teams and automatically choose one team above and one team below. The team above will be considered stronger and perform better. On the contrary, the team below is the team with poorer performance.

From there you will place money based on choosing the stronger or weaker team. Possible results from this reading are specifically as follows:

  • If the player bets on the team above to be the stronger team, you will receive the full bonus if the final score is 1 goal higher than the weak team.
  • The bettor will lose and lose half of the bet if he bets on the above team and the result is a draw between the two sides.
  • In the last case, if the team that is considered stronger and is the team that the player bet on loses 1 goal compared to the team that is rated lower, you will lose all your bets.

Read the 88 odds in the first half handicap bet (0.75)

For this bet, players will also bet on the difference between the two teams. However, the number of points used for comparison has a higher difference of 2 goals. Specifically, the cases that can occur when reading are:
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  • When the score between two teams is 2 goals or more apart and the player bets on the higher team, you will win and receive a reward and vice versa.
  • If the score of the entire match is a draw or the team above loses, you will be the winner.

This way of reading this ratio is quite similar to the common ways you have encountered such as 1.5 -2, 3.5 – 4…. Therefore, if you find it difficult to understand, players can refer to them first and then return to placing bets. Bet to get a higher win.

Some good tips to help bet on 88 odds accurately

Although reading 88 odds is not too difficult, sometimes they can still pose certain risks. So please read some of the following notes and keep them in mind before placing bets.

  • Conducting a comparison between the two competing teams before making a decision is considered extremely necessary. Let’s learn about both teams such as their performance, performance, outstanding players, and their history of achievements.
  • It is necessary to change the bet at the odds of 88 because the bookmaker will often create fluctuations in the odds they previously offered.
  • Betting based on the rankings of the teams on the rankings, this is quite a reckless decision but if you are lucky you will be the winner.


Above is detailed information about the 88 odds that New88 provides to you. Please read and memorize them to participate in the safest and most successful betting.

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