Online Sic Bo – Redeem extremely hot New88 rewards

Online Sic Bo is an online betting game that is increasingly popular and popular among the player community, especially at Bookmakers.New88.

Online Sic Bo New886 is an online betting game that is increasingly popular and popular among the player community. With unique features and attractive benefits, online Sic Bo has attracted many players to participate.

Online Sic Bo New88

Online Sic Bo and bookmaker New88 are a great combination so players can enjoy interesting and exciting betting experiences. With unique features and benefits, it is no surprise that Sic Bo has become a popular and loved game among the player community.

Bookmaker New88 is one of the leading bookmakers today providing excellent Sic Bo services. With a friendly graphics system and interface, players can easily use and enjoy the game without any difficulty.

One of the advantages of New88 is transparency and fairness. Players can easily check the results after each game to ensure the accuracy of the game.Bookmaker New88 Committed to using the most modern technology in generating random results, without outside intervention.

In addition, New88 Bookmaker also provides players with many opportunities to win big with attractive payout rates. Players can bet on many different types of bets and receive high bonuses if they predict the correct results.

New88 also offers players many different types of games to choose from. With different variations such as over, under, bridge, crab and dragon, players can experience diverse and interesting games.

The most popular over/under bets in New88

New88 is a website that provides card games and online betting games, the most famous of which is the Online Sic Bo service:

Sicbo online over/under

The Sicbo game has a very simple gameplay, players only need to bet on the results of the 3 dice rolled.

There are a total of 50 different ways to bet, players can bet on the total number of points, the number of points of each dice, the total of 2 dice, the total of 3 dice, pairs of dice, and many other ways.

Over/Under Big/Small

This game only has 2 options: “Big” (Over) or “Small” (Under). The player bets on the total score of the 3 dice (3-10 is Small, 11-18 is Big).

With big and small over/under, you only need to bet on one of the two. When the pendulum stops, the result corresponding to the rules will determine whether you often miss or lose.

Over/Under Odd/Even

In this game, players bet on the parity of the total score of 3 dice.

The player has 2 options: “Odd” or “Even”.

This game is an upgraded version of the Sic Bo game. Players not only bet on Over or Under results, but can also bet on specific numbers (from 3 to 18). If the total score of the two dice matches the number the player has chosen, they will receive a higher payout.

Online Over/Under Numbers

In this game, the player bets on a specific number from 4 to 17. If the final score of the 3 dice is the number the player placed, the player wins.

Normally, number bets are often applied to small games. You can experience with mini bet.
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Combination Over/Under

This game requires players to bet on 1 of 14 different combinations of 3 dice. Combinations include 3 same numbers, 2 same numbers and 1 different number, 3 different numbers, and others.

Instructions for redeeming New88 rewards

Participating in Sic Bo will also receive rewards, this is a promotion that only New88 has. Brothers, remember to bet quickly and still receive.

Receive refunded online Over/Under rewards

Some bookmakers have a policy of refunding a portion of the bet amount if you lose. This helps you minimize risks and have a chance to get back some of your lost money.

Receive deposit bonus

Many bookmakers offer bonus programs when you deposit money into your account. This bonus can be a percentage or a fixed amount of the deposit amount.

Receive VIP Over/Under rewards online

If you are a VIP member or play Sic Bo regularly, you can receive special rewards such as gifts, free chips, or special offers.

Receive sharing rewards

Some bookmakers have bonus programs for members who introduce new players. You will receive a commission from the bets of the players you referred.

Get rewards through events and tournaments

Some bookmakers organize events, offering attractive prizes to winners. You can receive bonuses or gifts of high value if you perform well in these events.

With unique features and benefits, it is no surprise that online Sic Bo has become a popular and loved game among the player community. Join now to enjoy 100% discount.

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