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Online Sic Bo is a name that is no longer strange to you today. With the development of technology, you must be using social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, Tiktok… just search for the keyword Tai Xiu and you will find billions. videos or images related to, but to hitOnline Sic Bo Winning that is what many people are interested in, because many people do not have the knowledge to play properly and many people go into debt because of this sport. In this article, New88vinet will share with you the unbeatable formulas for playing Over/Under so that you can gain more experience in the formula for playing Over/Under.

Why do you need to play Sic Bo online according to the formula?

As New88 just shared with you above, playing over/under is very risky. If you choose to bet on over or under according to your feelings, your winning rate is completely due to luck. lucky. Usually, people who don’t know how to play Sic Bo or have ever played have to spend quite a bit of time and money to be able to gain their own experience.

5 Formulas for playing Sic Bo online that you should know

1 Formula according to demand 1-1

Online 1-1 over-under bridge has the form of over-under-over-under, this demand line usually runs quite 5 to 10 hands long, this form of bridge will often appear in the series of bridges and then the 1-1 bridge type. In this case, you should consider not following too deeply, because the 1-1 bridge will often fluctuate a lot, making it difficult to get it right. Advice for those who want to play according to the 1-1 bridge formula. You need to consider carefully and should only follow 4 hands to stop, and should not play big and play big.

2 Demand formula 2 – 1 – 2

Online over/under bet 2 -1 – 2 has the form:over – over – under – over – over or under – under – over – under – under. This type of bridge often appears a lot when we bet and will often go 3-4 pairs. The most effective way to play is to play strongly on the 3rd hand and then gradually decrease on the 5th or 6th hand if the bridge is still running. We should stop and wait for another bridge to appear. Currently, this 2 – 1 – 2 bridge formula is being favored by many brothers, but it also requires accurate calculations for us to be able to capture this form of bridge.

3 Formula according to demand 2 – 2

Online 2-2 over/under betting has the form of over – under or under – over – over . This type of bridge is not too strange to you, but many people have gone bankrupt or sold their houses because of this demand curve because the 2-2 demand curve in the second bridge is very difficult for us to choose correctly. , if you play according to 2-2 demand, the best and most effective way to play is to play evenly or you can also double play and set clear goals for yourself before playing, don’t be too greedy, and play lose control.

4 Formula to bet on high, bet on over, bet on under, bet on under

This method, from my personal point of view, sees that when the result is high we continue to follow the big, if it comes out low we continue to follow the under. This method will be suitable for those who play for a long time and make money very effectively every day. Currently this method is also being applied by many brothers.

5 Formula according to demand 3 -3

Online over/under bridge 3 – 3 has the form of Over Over – Under Under Under This type of bridge is similar to the 2 – 2 bridge that I shared with you in the previous section, these demand curves appear quite rarely and are also appears only 1-2 times. The best bet for you is to follow strongly on the 3rd hand and reduce the money on the 4th, 5th, and 6th hands. If this demand curve continues, we should stop.


Above is everything New88 I just shared with you the 5 most effective formulas for playing Sic Bo online. I hope this article will help you choose the most suitable playing methods for yourself. In addition, if you keep a cool head and manage your own capital, you will definitely succeed and earn a huge amount of money from this dice game. Wish you luck

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