Instructions on how to play scratch cards with the easiest way to win today

It can be said that scratch cards are one of the easiest card games to play today. However, that doesn’t mean everyone can make money from this game. Because the rules are simple, anyone can participate and have the same winning rate. Together mb66 Learn the easiest way to play scratch cards for experts.

What is a scratch card?

Although it is quite easy to play and understand, this is a game with a large number of participants. For those of you who hear this name for the first time, I will still introduce it so everyone knows.

Scratch card is a game taken from a deck of 52 cards, also known as playing cards. Each participant will receive 3 cards, with the points from these cards everyone will have to compare to see who has the greatest value.

When there is a winning player, they will receive all the money in the POT.

POT is understood as a place to put money like in Poker. Then everyone participating will put money in there to synthesize. The winning player will receive all this money. That’s why bookmakers’ game rooms often have regulations on betting levels so players know how much maximum and minimum POT they can win.

How do Ba rake calculate points?

Surely to play this card game well, everyone will have to understand how to calculate points first.

This is MB66 game When using Western cards, there will be some notes as follows:

All cards displayed as numbers will be counted according to that number. For example, number 3 is 3 points, number 10 is 10 points. Just like that from 2 to 10.

As for the Ace card, in fact, in three-scratch play, it is similar to number 1 so it is counted as 1 point.

The rest are Western cards, they include J, Q, K. They are all figurative cards and carry 10 points, or you can call them 0 points.

Because according to the way scratch cards are calculated, 10 points is the same as 0 points. Because after totaling the points, people only count the odd points in the units place.

For example: Your hand has A, K, 8, which means 19 points, eventually 9 points.

Instructions on how to play scratch cards with 9 buttons

This is a trick that players can apply when playing in real life if you are the dealer.

Step 1: As mentioned, having the right to deal the cards is your opportunity to create the best hand position for yourself.
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Step 2: At this stage, everyone needs to skillfully take the cards they want into their hands according to the formula.

I will give an example to make it easier for everyone to understand by reusing the above example as A, K, 8. This is a 9 knot position.

When arranging cards, everyone puts A – (the number of cards everyone participates in -1), then K – continues as before, then 8.

The number of cards alternating between A,K,8 means that in a game with 4 players, the random card inserted is 3 (ie 4-1=3).

Then the position will be A – 3 random cards, K – 3 random cards, 8.

Step 3: After completing the arrangement, everyone will use the arranged deck of cards to shuffle them but not lose track of them.

Step 4: Finally, deal the cards. Once the Ace is dealt to your position, the remaining cards will automatically follow the correct arrangement. Because according to the card-dealing cycle of 4 players, your Ace card, after 3 random cards for 3 other players, will return to the K card position and 8 will return to you.


Above is how to play scratch cards with basic rules as well as tips for dealing 9 cards for those who want to practice. In addition, players can also refer to thisHow to play lottery online Easy to win every time you visit a reputable bookmaker.

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