Instructions on How to Play 3-Card Card Game Online and Tips for Sure Winning at New88 Bookmaker

Online 3-card card game This is a game that is no longer strange to Northerners as well as bettors at the house. This game looks quite simple but not everyone knows how to play it to achieve the best results. Today, New88 Please allow me to share with you how to play and some winning tips in the article below.
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How to play the 3-card card game online and some tips to ensure you win

Online 3-card card game It’s a pretty simple game that doesn’t take too much time to think about, such as: Sam Loc, Lieng or Ta La….

In this game, people take 36 cards from a deck of 52 cards (removing the head cards) to use in a game. Online 3-card card game There is no limit to the number of players, but each player is only dealt 3 cards, the winner is the person with the highest total score.

How to play the 3-card card game online

Like any game, if you want to win, in addition to having tips in hand, the player must always clearly understand the rules of the game.

In 1 game 3-card card game online There will be 1 person holding the card. Each player is dealt 3 random cards to calculate points, 9 is the maximum score. If the total score of the 3 cards is greater than 10, the score will be calculated in units.

For example, you are dealt the following cards in turn:

  • 7, 3, 4 add up to the total of your 3 cards is 14, so you calculate the points in units as 4 points.
  • 4, 7, 9 add up to the total of your 3 cards is 20, so you calculate the score as 10 (in the rules of 3-card card game online then 9 points is the highest score)
  • However, there will be cases when players are tied on points. At that time, it is necessary to compare the suit of cards (spades, clubs, diamonds, hearts) to distinguish between winning and losing. The suits are counted in order from low to high.
  • If players have the same score and the same suit, then the suit with the higher number of cards is the winner.

Some rights of players of online 3-card card game

  • Right to fold: When you feel not confident with your card score, you should choose this move. If you accept to fold, you will lose the amount of money you previously bet. Folding cards at the right time will help you limit high risks.
  • Right to check cards: If no one has placed a bet or raised more money, you will be able to use the right to check cards. Then the player will give up the right to the next person without having to bet money or make any other choice.
  • Right to raise: Different from the right to fold when you feel confident in your card score and want to bet more money. After the previous player places a bet, you can bet more than the previous player’s amount (the house has an automatic raising mode, if you don’t like it, turn it off).
  • Right to call: The following players can call or fold the amount you offered when raising. The dealer will give you a bet amount for you to choose (All – in is the mode for players to use this command when they want to bet all the money they have).

Some pocket tips to help you always win when playing the 3-card card game online

In addition to the element of luck, when playing 3-card card game online Players need to equip themselves with a little knowledge from the documents, observe the playing style of professional bettors to make appropriate choices in each game. Here are some playing tips that you need to know:

Divide the capital you have into different parts

Based on the amount of money you have, divide your betting capital from the beginning. This will help players preserve their capital in case they lose all their money (because it’s not always black, and no one is 100% sure to win).

Usually at New88, the experts divide the odds from 2% to 6% of the amount in hand. When you make a profit from playing, you will put away the initial capital, use 70% of the remaining money to bet on all bets, and 30% bet recklessly for the chance to win big.
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Be cautious when playing games with new people

Don’t think that newcomers to the online 3-card card table will be at a disadvantage, but you eagerly place big bets to reveal your playing style. Observe your opponent’s playing style and then classify them to help you make easy betting decisions. Of course, if your card is the highest, just go all-in to reduce one opponent at the table.

Increase the bet unexpectedly to hit your opponent’s psychology

Suddenly increasing the bet makes your opponent think that your cards are big, which is a psychological attack. If you’re lucky, if you’re lucky, your opponent will be confused in the next games and feel less confident.

Through this, New88 has shared with you how to play 3-card card game online and some basic tips. You can apply practical experience to the game to learn many lessons for yourself. Wish you have fun playing here casino New88 Please.

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