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Hanshow Lumina Edge: Transforming Retail with Dynamic Digital Shelf Tags

Hanshow Lumina Edge is a game-changing solution that revolutionizes the traditional shelf display by introducing dynamic digital shelf tags. With its LCD screen and robust features, Lumina Edge serves as both a digital price label and a captivating content display screen. This innovative technology opens up new marketing opportunities and targeted promotions for brands and retailers while delivering a fresh and memorable shopping experience to customers.

Unleashing the Power of Lumina Edge for Enhanced Retail Efficiency and Sales Boost

Lumina Edge offers numerous advantages to retailers and brands, driving efficiency and boosting sales in the competitive retail landscape.

  1. Dynamic Video Promotions for Enhanced Sales

With Lumina Edge, retailers can seize customers’ attention through bright, dynamic video promotions displayed on the shelf edge. This ensures that customers do not miss out on any enticing deals or offers. By leveraging this eye-catching medium, retailers can effectively influence purchasing decisions, leading to increased sales and revenue.

  1. Tailored Promotions and Automated Updates

Lumina Edge provides retailers the flexibility to set up automated promotions based on specific times or conditions. This feature allows for targeted marketing campaigns, promoting products that are not selling well or maximizing the sales potential of top-selling items. Additionally, Lumina Edge seamlessly integrates with backend content management systems, enabling fast and automated updates for hassle-free maintenance and display management.

  1. Creative Branding and In-Store Marketing

For product brands, Lumina Edge offers a powerful tool for in-store marketing and brand enhancement. By leveraging creative video content directly at the physical point of sale, brands can captivate customers and leave a lasting impression. Lumina Edge helps brands stand out in a crowded market, driving brand recognition and loyalty.

  1. Enhanced Efficiency and Profitability

Lumina Edge streamlines store operations and boosts efficiency. Its easy installation process, bundled with necessary software and content players, ensures a hassle-free setup. With Lumina Edge, retailers can categorize promotions, optimize shelf space, and deliver real-time pricing updates, ultimately maximizing productivity and profitability.


Hanshow Lumina Edge revolutionizes the retail landscape by transforming the traditional shelf display into a dynamic and engaging point of sale. With its FHD display, long lifespan, and synchronization capabilities, Lumina Edge offers a complete solution that enhances retail efficiency and drives sales growth. Retailers and brands can harness the power of Lumina Edge to captivate customers, deliver targeted promotions, and elevate their brand presence in the competitive retail market.

Experience the cutting-edge technology of Lumina Edge and unlock new possibilities for your retail business. Embrace the digital revolution and create a memorable shopping experience with Hanshow’s innovative digital shelf tags.

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