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Enhance Fruit Sorting Efficiency with Easyweigh’s Automatic Fruit Sorting Machine

Easyweigh Equipment Co., Ltd introduces the Automatic Weight Sorting Machine, a state-of-the-art solution designed to revolutionize the sorting of round vegetables and fruits based on weight. This advanced weight sorter is meticulously crafted to offer efficiency, precision, and reliability in the food production and processing industry.

Precision in Sorting

The Automatic Fruit Sorting Machine boasts a checking range of less than 1000g, ensuring accurate and reliable results in the grading process. This precision is particularly crucial in the primary steps of food production or processing, where the consistent classification of fruits and vegetables is essential for quality control.

Streamlined Weighing and Grading

This cutting-edge machine streamlines the weighing and grading process, contributing to increased productivity and enhanced quality control. By automating the sorting of fruits based on weight, it simplifies operations and reduces the margin of error, allowing businesses to maintain consistency in their products.

Convenience and Effectiveness

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Easyweigh’s Automatic Fruit Sorting Machine. It is equipped with advanced technology that not only simplifies operations but also ensures the efficiency of the sorting process. Businesses can rely on this innovative solution to optimize their fruit and vegetable sorting, contributing to a more streamlined and productive workflow.


Easyweigh’s Automatic Fruit Sorting Machine stands as a testament to innovation in the food industry. Businesses can simplify their operations and elevate the efficiency of fruit and vegetable sorting with this advanced solution. Embrace the future of sorting technology with Easyweigh and enhance your production processes today.

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