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CHINT DC Disconnector Switch: Reliable Circuit Control and Protection

CHINT, a trusted provider of electrical solutions, offers the DC Disconnector Switch, a widely-applied distribution equipment for factories and other industrial settings. This switch serves multiple functions, including manual switching and breaking of circuits and isolating power supply. When combined with a fuse, the Fuse Switch Disconnector provides additional short circuit and overload protection for cables and power equipment in distribution systems.

Flexible Circuit Control and Isolation

The CHINT DC Disconnector Switch is designed to provide flexible circuit control and isolation capabilities. It allows for manual switching and breaking of circuits, enabling convenient and precise control over power supply to specific areas or equipment. By isolating the power supply, the switch ensures the safety of personnel and equipment during maintenance or repair operations, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Enhanced Protection with Fuse Integration

The Fuse Switch Disconnector, in conjunction with the DC Disconnector Switch, provides enhanced circuit protection. It is specifically suitable for short circuit and overload protection in distribution systems. Under normal conditions, the switch allows for infrequent manual switching of normal load and overload currents. However, in the event of a short circuit, the fuse within the switch breaks the current, preventing damage to cables and power equipment. This integrated protection mechanism ensures the safety and reliability of the distribution system.


The CHINT DC Disconnector Switch is a reliable solution for circuit control and power isolation in industrial applications. CHINT’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the DC Disconnector Switch, making it a trusted choice for businesses seeking reliable circuit control and protection solutions.

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